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vaporous adj
1 so thin as to transmit light; "a hat with a diaphanous veil"; "filmy wings of a moth"; "gauzy clouds of dandelion down"; "gossamer cobwebs"; "sheer silk stockings"; "transparent chiffon"; "vaporous silks" [syn: diaphanous, filmy, gauzy, gossamer, see-through, sheer, transparent, cobwebby]
2 resembling or characteristic of vapor; "vaporous clouds" [syn: vaporific, vaporish, vapourish]
3 filled with vapor; "miasmic jungles"; "a vaporous bog" [syn: miasmal, miasmic]

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vapour + -ous


(US) IPA: /ˈveɪpərəs/


  1. relating to vapour; misty, foggy, obscure, insubstantial
    • 1594, William Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece
      O hateful, vaporous, and foggy night!
    • 1605, Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning
      So whosoever shall entertain high and vaporous imaginations, instead of a laborious and sober inquiry of truth, shall beget hopes and beliefs of strange and impossible shapes.

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